The Digital Social Innovation Fair will be in Rome 6-7 June 2018

As part of this programme of events MAZI partners as participating in a workshop on:

Collaborative making, frugal technologies, art and creativity

This workshop will begin with a short introduction of three CAPS projects: MAZI, OpenMaker, Made4You and from the representatives of Human Ecosystem Relazioni (HER).  Each of these teams will lead a smaller group discussion addressing challenges and questions around the roles that grassroots, co-design, and collaborative making approaches can play in social innovation and creative practice. The four themes are: Community networks; Art and Creativity; Making and Manufacturing; Healthcare.


  • Elizabeth Calderón Lüning, Co-founder and CEO at common grounds / Nachbarschaftsakademie
  • Ingi Helgason, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Salvatore Iaconesi – HER
  • Oriana Persico – HER
  • Indy Johar, Innovation Lead of the OpenMaker project
  • Hamza Zeytinoglu, Scientific Lead and the Coordinator of the Openmaker DSP
  • Silvia Binenti, Project and Comms Officer at OpenMaker
  • Enrico Bassi and Marta Savoldelli, OpenDot
  • Antonia Madella Noja and Cristina Dornini, Tog Foundation

About the DSI Fair

Digital technologies and the Internet are rapidly and radically changing the dynamics of both individual and collective human experience, underpinning innovation across private and public sectors, being core enablers for the transformation of the European society and services. This represents a unique opportunity to address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Across Europe and all over the world several initiatives are actively working on this front from different angles and perspectives. But for these initiatives to have an impact and effectively engage all civil society players, there is a clear need to properly link and coordinate efforts, while ensuring promotion of technologies and solutions that can ensure better citizens’ protection, inclusion, education and participation.

The ambition of the DSI Fair 2018 is to create a space for all these players to gather and align on priorities and key directions shaping the European research and innovation agenda.

The DSI Fair 2018 will offer a rich program featuring an international conference, focused workshops, networking and hands-on sessions. The line-up of speakers includes experts and practitioners, as well as policy makers and civil society players.

This event will specifically provide opportunities to discuss how initiatives tackling social and environmental challenges in Europe and beyond are at the core of realising a more secure, trusted, inclusive and participatory Next Generation Internet. It will also provide the opportunity to promote how a number of advanced technologies (blockchains, decentralised data protection, artificial intelligence, etc.) and EC-driven initiatives, like the 5MEuro blockhain Prize, can help realising a more secure and trusted Digital Single Market.

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The DSI Fair 2018 is supported by the Assessorato Roma Semplice

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