MAZI project participated in the 2nd Fed4FIRE+ Engineering Conference with an exhibition booth, in Volos, Greece, in October 5th 2017. During the Demo Night current status and scientific outcomes of experiments conducted in Fed4FIRE+ testbeds were presented. The MAZI booth demonstrated the research and experimentation conducted in NITOS testbed for the evaluation of the network performance […]

Mazi project partners at Edinburgh Napier University have developed an interactive demo exhibit, titled Network Roulette. The first public trial of the exhibit took place at the Whale Arts Centre in Edinburgh, UK, in late September as part of Explorathon 2017, Researchers’ Night Scotland. European Researchers’ Night is a European Commission initiative which gives people […]

All are invited to two days of public meet ups and workshops to exchange ideas and explore the DIY networks of Deptford Creek. Tuesday 20th at Hoy Kitchen on Creek Road SE8 3BU, followed by a free Lowtide Walk at Creekside Discovery Centre SE8 4SA. Wednesday 21st June at Stephen Lawrence Centre on Brookmill Road […]

The Second CAPS Community Workshop will be collocated with the MAZI Summer School 10-14 July 2017, Tsalapata Building in Volos, Greece. The venue is Tsalapata Building, an old brick factory that has been renovated and now host a museum. It is located in the city of Volos and is about 10 minutes walking distance from […]

C&T 2017 – Technology for the Common Good: Four EU Horizon2020 CAPS projects, commonfare, empatia, MAZI, and netCommons, are collaborating in the organization of a workshop titled “Participatory Design, beyond the local”, hosted at the 8th conference on Community & Technologies, June 26-30, Troyes, France. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. Submissions to participate […]

An article on DIY networking written by Panayotis Antoniadis of the MAZI project, is getting global attention through the Huffington Post website, and the Conversation Global, where it was originally published. The article, titled “How to build a more organic internet (and stand up to corporations)” is the second of two articles describing community networks that provide alternative networking […]

Digital Social Innovation Fair 2017: Where the Digital Social Innovators meet! Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation 1-2 February 2017, Rome (Italy). Free registration now open. MAZI is getting ready to attend this major event in Rome to showcase the work of the project so far. The DSI Fair 2017 offers a rich program featuring an […]

The MAZI project participated in the CAPS Community Workshop in Bratislava in September. The general objective of the workshop was to get to know each other better, map CAPS projects/DSI practitioners needs in terms of knowledge and networking, discuss common challenges and exchange experience gained so far so as to identify collaboration opportunities. Most of […]

Event webpage (link) On September 17th 2016, MAZI was invited to take part in the annual summer camp of Metrozones – School for urban practices. Andreas Unteidig presented the project, and specifically the activities around the pilot study in Berlin in the context of a field trip to PlanBude, one of the most striking examples […]

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